That's Friggin' Stupid!

What 40 plus years of liberalism has done for the Justice system........

In New York city in July, Bartolome Moya, 37, charged with kidnapping, drug-dealing and six murders, skipped town after being released on bail. In 1993, Moya was jailed pending trial on the same charges but was in such poor health from heart disease a judge thought his death was imminent and dismissed the charges so Moya could go home to die. In February, 1994, Moya obtained a Medicare-financed heart transplant. Prosecutors learned of the transplant, reindicted Moya in May, and jailed him. Then a judge released him on bail on the condition that Moya wear a beeper/monitor. Moya has not been heard from since.


SO, you think YOU have it bad at work........

According to a grievance by workers at a Mississippi poultry plant, as reported in U.S. News & World Report in July, the company does not permit workers more than three bathroom breaks a week without a doctor's note, and employees must pay 10 cents a cup for drinking water on the job.


This one speaks for itself.....

On the same day (Oct. 17), the U.S. government announced it would reduce by $ 55 million funding for food banks and other programs that feed needy Americans and spend $ 47 million in new funds to create makework jobs and job training for the much-reviled Haiti police force.


Can the Justice system last another 40? Can society?

According to Department of Justice figures, 30,000 inmate lawsuits were filed last year (added to heavy backlogs -- more than 28,000 in New York alone) against prison officials for "civil rights" violations, the vast majority described by judges and court officials as frivolous. Among the lawsuits were those by prisoners complaining: that the prison canteen supplied "creamy" peanut butter when a prisoner bought "crunchy"; that guards wouldn't refrigerate his ice cream snack so that he could eat it later ($1 million lawsuit); that his toilet seat was too cold; that, as an inmate-paralegal in the prison law library, he should make the same wage that lawyers make; that prisons should offer salad bars ($129 million); that a limit on the number of Kool-Aid refills is "cruel and unusual punishment"; and that the scrambled eggs were cooked too hard. In New York, 20 percent of the entire budget of the Attorney General's office is spent on prisoner lawsuits.


The "Go Figure" Finally.......

Ex-student Jason Wilkins sued the University of Idaho in July for $940,000 to pay for injuries he suffered when he fell through a third-story dormitory window while mooning students. Wilkins had climbed onto a 3-foot-high heater to reach the window but claimed the university should have posted warnings.


In May, Quebec legislator Andre Boulerice denounced voter fraud during a committee meeting, citing one particular example of bogus names registered to vote in Old Montreal. "I know there are famous people in my [district]," said Boulerice,"but I doubt 'Omar Sharif' would be voting [here]," especially since, according to voter records, he shares an apartment with "Martina Navratilova." The next day, as neighbors of the couple reported, Sharif son of the actor is indeed married to a woman named Martina Navratilova, who is a stockbroker. [Edmonton Journal, 5-9-96]


Heard about the Maine school teacher thing?  That, and more, when we continue....

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