Web Voyeurs

I would like to introduce you to Bridgette.   She is a web voyeur of sorts.  You know, people who have web cameras in their living rooms.  Or in their bedrooms or even the bathroom.   Well, our friend on the right here is in San Diego, CA.  What seems to make her tick is money. The picture on the right was captured from her "Guest" page.  One can pay to become a member and, I assume, get "better" shots.  Her home page tells you,  in her own words, that what you can expect at her site is "a personal view into a beautiful escort's life...".  If you are in her neck of the woods, she actually does have an Escort service and, for the right price, she'll show you the town.  Why don't you go see what Bridgette is doing right now....who knows, you may get a lucky shot like this or, maybe, one better . . . brunette1.jpg (65182 bytes)


Jenny cam.jpg (16529 bytes)

Meet Jenny.  Jenny looks like she is having fun on valentines day 2000 in her new (taking a "stab" in the dark here on the 'new') dominatrics (MS spell cker didn't know either) getup.  Jenny is a web voyeur of the first degree.   Everything she does, she does on the cam.  It's on when she watches TV, when she's at work (she writes web pages in her apartment).  It's on when she has sex - as you can see.   And yes, it's on even when she masturbates.   Yes, I saw this with my own eyes - and I'm still in therapy.  A newsgroup has been started in her honor -> alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.jennicam <- and contains postings of pictures that her followers have happened to snag.  To these "posters" it is a proving ground of sorts, a "I stayed on the cam page for 72 hours and got these 3 pictures of her with her toy and you didn't" mentality.   She is so into showing herself to those out in internet land that she has a portable setup she takes with her when she is out and about.   Obsession?  I don't know, it's not my call.  She does seem to really like herself an awful lot.  Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against one liking oneself.   Some can get into it a little much, and some can get downright unhealthy about it.  You make your own determination on this chick .    Go ahead, give her ass a click!   



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